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Welcome to ECS, your complete medical billing service

Let ECS Resolve your Billing Stress

Commodities Nationally/Remotely:

We would like to introduce Enriquez Computer Service to you for all of your medical billing needs. Our services range from simple claims filing to full practice management. We know how to get claims paid quickly, and we know what to do if a problem arises.

What we offer:
  • Electronic Medical Records capabilities and consulting
  • Customized monthly reports
  • Rapid response to requests for information
  • Certified, professional staf
  • HIPAA compliant transactions
  • Latest online software and technology
  • Medical Transcription
What we can do for you:
  • Track and reduce claims rejections and errors making your process more efficient
  • Increase and accelerate your monthly collections
  • Reduce your overdue and uncollected funds
  • Reduce your administrative staffing costs
  • Assist with government compliance and subsidies
  • Free up your staff to work for you and for your patients





We encourage clients to decide just how much or how little we do for them. You may request that we contract to simply submit your claims, work only on collections, or offer you full practice management.
We offer three pricing structures to assist with your claims processing:
- Percentage Pricing– we charge a percentage of the money that we collect, as opposed to what we bill.
- Hourly Fee Pricing – this option works best for those practices that see few patients on a weekly basis.
- Overdue Funds Collection – we work solely to collect funds you have been unable to collect charging only on what we collect.

Our expertise will net your practice more collected claims. All we do is take care of claims, nothing else, so our attention will not be diverted by other demands of a busy medical office. By having ECS Consultants handle your claims and accounts receivables, you and your staff are then free to do the main thing you were meant to do: Take care of your patients. Take a quick survey of your practice and learn how we can help get more of your money into your hands – faster, click here