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Is your office computerized?

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If so, what is the name of the program you are currently using?


What is the patient volume (approximate number of patients in your system if computerized or how many total in the practice)?


What was your practice dollar volume for the last full calendar year?


How much does your practice bill per month?


How many patients do you see per week?


What type of business or specialty is your practice?


What percentage of your claims are Medicare?


What percentage of your claims are HMO's, PPO's and POS?





How many insurance carriers are you participating with?


Does your office have an out-source billing service? If so, which one and why did you choose it?


Does your office currently file claims electronically?

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If Yes, does your office file only Medicare claims electronically or do you send electronic claims to all carriers who will accept them?


How long does it usually take before you receive payment from insurers?


Would your business benefit if you received payments faster and had fewer rejected claims?

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Do you have an employee assigned to follow up on rejected claims?

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Would your office run more efficiently if you had someone to concentrate on billing, leaving your staff free to take care of your patients?

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